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100-plus Zhongtong Buses to Be Delivered to Paraguay

2016.11.16 On November 12, 40 units Zhongtong Sunny city buses were shipped to Paraguay, ready for servin...

 On November 12, 40 units Zhongtong Sunny city buses were shipped to Paraguay, ready for serving local passengers. According to the bus maker, this is only the first batch. And the second batch of 40 units is still under production and will be delivered to their customers soon. 

From January to November this year, Paraguay purchased a total number of 118 units buses from Zhongtong, accounting for 63.4% of its total bus imports. 

According to the bus maker, a batch of Zhongtong Navigator , especially made to meet the local customer’s requirements, will soon go off the production line and start their journey to Ecuador. Their arrival in this South American nation will mark a new milestone for the export of luxury double-deckers made in China. 


Zhongtong entered South America in 2006. By making in-depth market researches and rolling out tailor-made products for local bus operators, Zhongtong has gradually earned the trust of customers and gained popularity in this region. Currently, Zhongtong Sunny city buses, Navigator travel coaches and Navigator  luxury coaches are the top three choices for customers in South America. 
So far, Zhongtong has set up a number of spare part inventories and built up a number of professional service teams in South America. In addition, dozens of technicians from Zhongtong are stationed all-year-round in the region, managing local inventories, providing training services for local bus operators, and helping their solve technical problems. Backed up by its high-quality products and its well-established service networks, Zhongtong has set up formidable presence in some countries in South America. Take Paraguay for example. The country ash 49 bus operators and 31 of them have set up cooperative ties with Zhongtong. 
Since 2003, Zhongtong’s overseas business has been maintaining a fast growing momentum. In 2015, the company held a grand ceremony celebrating the export of its 20,000th unit bus abroad. What is remarkable is that the bus maker has made big steps forward, from just exporting buses to the third world countries to selling its products to Europe, North America and Oceania. Another impressive achievement made by Zhongtong in its overseas expansion is the company has successfully diversified its product line to a whole spectrum of buses, such as city buses, travel coaches and high-end vehicles for business reception. 


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