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Zhongtong & ABB Painting Robots Put in Smooth Operation


On May 16th, the painting robots at Zhongtong’s new bus production base were successfully put into operation. Thus, the bus maker is now among the few top enterprises which have adopted state-of-art robots for spraying and painting operation.


Zhongtong & ABB Painting Robots Put in Smooth Operation

According to sources, Zhongtong has made nearly ten million investment while introducing the painting robots from ABB. Such a bold move well demonstrates its commitment to improving production techniques and products quality as well as strengthening its competitiveness.

In bus industry, the painting robots can replace human operation in a highly polluted environment, thus greatly boosting productivity. Meanwhile, the utilization rate of paintings will also be doubled, which will dramatically reduce painting costs and cut waste water and air pollution. Moreover, by eliminating all unstable factors in painting operation which constantly produce uneven coating thickness, grid, sagging, and peeling, the robots can substantially improve the painting quality.

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