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Zhongtong Won 50 Hybrid City Buses Order from Jining


Recently, Zhongtong successfully won the bid for providing 50 units of plug-in hybrid buses for Jining Public Transport. After Jining’s first purchase of green vehicles in 2013, the new deal marks the second round of cooperation of the two parties and is surely to strengthen the company’s leading position in the new energy vehicle field.

In response to the rapid pace of urbanization in Jining, the city has developed a number of inter-city routes so as to ease the traffic. The 50 new energy buses are expected to be delivered to Jining in late May.

According to Jining Public Transport Company, their choice is made not only in response to the governments’ call for saving energy and cutting emissions, but also on the basis of the performance and technical reliability of the green buses. The company firstly made a purchase of 34 Zhongtong new energy buses last year. So far, the bus fleet has been operating smoothly, which has given great satisfaction to its customer. Given this, the company decides to strike another deal with the bus maker again and will buy 50 units Zhongtong LCK6106PHENV.


Zhongtong Hybrid City Buses LCK6106PHENV
Zhongtong Hybrid City Buses LCK6106PHENV

The 10-meter Zhongtong LCK6106PHENV bus, reaching maturity and boasting high reliability, is a fist product of the company. Given its competitive price and qualification for government’s subsidies, the bus operators can save a large sum of money buying the bus. In addition, the bus consumes 12.28 kg gases and 11.37 kilowatts electricity for running 100 kilometers. Thus, the bus can help its buyers significantly lower their operating costs.

As the competition in the public transport market intensifies, operators now put the fuel economy and reliability as their first two priorities while making purchases. Zhongtong LCK6106PHENV performs quite well in the two aspects. Thus, it has gained increasing recognition from its customers.

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