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Zhongtong New Energy Buses Secured Multiple Orders


With the sales of a variety of plug-in hybrid electric buses and pure electric buses, Zhongtong new energy bus market is as well wide open. Zhongtong recently secured multiple orders including 90 plug-in hybrid buses from Dongying, 20 plug-in hybrid  buses from Puyang, 20 pure electric buses form Handan, 20 pure electric buses from Qingdao.

In the bidding Dongying Bus and Puyang Bus, the purchase of new energy buses are included with regular buses, among which the 90 LCK6106PHENV and LCK6126PHENV of Dongying and 20 LCK6106PHENV new energy buses are all won by Zhongtong, as well as the 20 LCK6108EVG pure electric buses purchased by Handan Jieshen Operations Limited.
So far, including the new energy buses in this procurement, Dongying Bus has 190  Zhongtong new energy buses. Puyang Bus has 80.

Zhongtong new energy bus market pattern is not only fixed in the country, its reputation has flown overseas, with new energy buses exported to Singapore, the Philippine and other overseas markets. With national policy supporting new energy buses, Zhongtong always adhere to relying on technological innovation and technological progress to win more opportunities to for their own development. It is the persistence that provides Zhongtong with a steady stream of positive energy.

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