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Zhongtong Bus Wins 168 Gas Buses Tender in Taiyuan


On 2nd March 2014, Taiyuan Bus tender result was officially released. Zhongtong Bus got the order of 168 12-meter-long NG buses to become the biggest winner of this tender event in terms of order quantity and order amount. This is another win-win feat of Zhongtong Bus and Taiyuan Bus after the order of 40 BRT.

It is reported that on 29th October 2012, the Ministry of Transport announced that after Shenzhen, more than a dozen cities, including Taiyuan, cut the ranks of the national pilot “public transportation” construction cities. For this reason, in order to speed up the process of public transportation construction, beginning from 2012, Taiyuan decided to implement the annual plan to add 600 buses to accelerate the construction of the public transportation system.

According to the plan, the tender of Taiyuan Bus was held successfully lately. The tender attracted a number of domestic major companies. After multiple rounds of fierce competition, Zhongtong Bus, with its years of hard work and remarkable achievements in the field of natural gas buses, topped every evaluation in the tender process and eventually won the 168 order, the largest one in terms of quantity or amount. Together again, Zhongtong Bus and Taiyuan Bus opened the prelude to a long-term cooperation.

All these 168 buses are natural gas powered LCK6125HGC, Zhongtong’s main product of its 12-meter-long, NG powered series. The model is designed based on the popular keynote “bus cube” with smooth lines. As the model of new generation urban vehicles, it is a combination of economic reliability, good braking, safety, beauty, comfort and convenient operation. Its multiple advantages all contribute to Zhongtong’s winning of this tender.

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