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Zhongtong Bus: New-energy Bus Focuses on Hybrid Bus


On Feb.27th of 2014, Zhongtong Bus said that it anticipated that the development direction of new-energy bus in the future was pure electric bus. Due to immature technology for now, the current direction was hybrid bus.

Zhongtong Hybrid Bus

Motivated by new-energy automobile concept, Zhongtong Bus is recently getting popularity among markets. Its share price kept going up daily limit on Feb 7th, 10th and 11th. On Feb 27th, its share increased by 9% and returned to green by 12% amplitude.

As a local bus enterprise of Shandong Province, Zhongtong Bus made Qingdao City getting listed in the 1st Batch Pilot Cities of New-energy Automobile Promotion. This list also gets Linyi, Zibo, Liaocheng and Weifang as the second batch.

Zhongtong Electric Hybrid Bus

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