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Zhongtong Euro VI Bus Exports to Europe


On Feb.21st of 2014, Li Chen, director of Zhongtong Technology Center, told us that since equipped with Euro VI engine, Zhongtong bus decreased its PM2.5 concentration in tail gas to 0.01, one-tenth of the original one. Such concentration made it equal to the coastal air in Gulangyu of Xiamen. Therefore, tail gas by Zhongtong bus is much clearer than air outside. Zhongtong bus is actually a mobile urban air purifier.

By now, Zhongtong is the only domestic bus manufacturer which is equipped with Euro VI engine in small batches and exports to Germany. This is an important landmark standing for improving independent innovation level of China automobile as well as a meaningful step for China domestic bus industry entering the international platform.

In recent years, faced with global intensified competition, Zhongtong Bus gradually establishes its good reputation of China Leading Brand of Energy Conservation, Remission Reduction and New-energy Bus through technological innovation and industrialization of energy conservation and new-energy bus, which makes Zhongtong bus operated through the world. Since Jan.1st of 2014, EU countries began compulsory implementation of Euro VI remission standard, which is a strict limit for automotive tail gas remission standard. Passing this limit and grasp market, Zhongtong Bus began its next endeavor for higher goal in advance.

Since introducing Euro VI engine, Zhongtong has to resolve lots of technological difficulties, such as suspension system, heat dissipation system and space arrangement. Otherwise complete failure would take place. On Dec. of 2013, Zhongtong Bus established four research teams of chassis, vehicle body, electronics and experiment.Based on no technological material and guiding material, researchers of Zhongtong Bus starts to calculate and test day by day.

The success of manufacturing the first batch China buses of Euro VI engine shows that Zhongtong has strong independent innovation ability and ambition to enter global market. This is another achievement of technological innovation for Zhongtong Bus and Zhongtong would keep such investment and concentration in technological innovation.

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