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Zhongtong Bus Gets the First New-energy Bus Order after New Policy Released


The winter of 2013 slowly comes which means that all the noise would come to its end. One pleasant piece of news came to break this peaceful silence of winter, which was that Zhongtong Bus daily order came to 169 units, making a record of its daily maximum units. This order includes 30 plug-in electric hybrid new-energy buses purchased by Jining Transportation, which was the first new-energy bus order after new policy released.

These 30 hybrid buses are LCK6125PHENV1 and LCK6105PHENV1 buses, which are two urban buses that Zhongtong designed specially for large and middle cities based on urban condition. Equipped with electromechanical coupling driving system of plug-in hybrid power, buses would definitely make a brand new and successful transportation in Jining.

New new-energy subsidy policy released on September makes a further definition about subsidy vehicles, especially pure electric bus. According to new policy, plug-in hybrid power is listed on its own, excluding traditional hybrid power. Hot new-energy bus market temporarily cooled down, which gets broken by 30-bus order of Zhongtong Bus. Meanwhile, it means that Zhongtong Bus would embrace a new purchasing fervor of new-energy bus.

The reason why Zhongtong Bus could grab the first new-energy bus order after new policy released lays the comprehensive thought of Zhongtong. As the earliest bus manufacturer in new-energy bus R&D field, Zhongtong Bus keeps national policy as its guide, continues investing and improves its product series. In plug-in hybrid urban bus, Zhongtong Bus builds general and extensive electromechanical coupling driving system platform of plug-in hybrid power by virtue of national new-energy automotive industry innovative engineering project. What’s more, it achieves development of 10 and 12m plug-in hybrid power vehicles based on this platform. Five hybrid buses, LCK6106PHENV, LCK6126PHENV, LCK6101HEV1, LCK6105PHENV1 and LCK6125PHENV1, get announced by the country. As for pure electric bus, Zhongtong Bus develops further the first net electric coupling electric bus based on 10 and 12m electric series and grabs the opportunity to occupy markets after new policy released.

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