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Zhongtong Bus to Upgrade for High-quality Growth


On February 25th, next day after Chinese traditional "Lantern Festival", a "lantern" formed by school buses and other buses in front of Zhongtong Bus Company, General Manager Sun Qingmin told the reporter that, symbolized the boom of the company in 2013.

In the past 2012, Zhongtong sold over 12000 buses, ranking No.1 in growth rate, increasing much higher than industrial average. General Manager Sun Qingmin said: "Our output in December reached 1387 units and sales amount reached CNY 0.5 billion. Making the record is quite difficult facing the limitation of productivity."

In recent years, increasingly fierce competition and similar products compelled the bus manufacturers to price war in biddings, harmful for the industry. Mr. Sun told the reporter: "Zhongtong regards Year 2013 as the upgrading year and they will reform the development mode to improve the benefits of quality and deal with the relationship of scale, quality and benefit."

It's said Zhongtong will focus on new-energy bus, school bus and natural gas bus markets, as well as overseas market in particularly. They will lead customers to choose Zhongtong mature products and establish service stations in key areas before selling buses. What's more, Zhongtong will cooperate with other big banks besides SINOSURE.

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