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Zhongtong Leads New Energy Bus Market in 2013


The State Council issued Development Plan for Energy Saving Industry and New Energy Automobile Industry in June, 2012, making key deployment for energy saving and new energy development works in our country. ‘ building a ecological civilization’ and ‘ building a beautiful China’ are the beautiful China dreams depicted in the reports of the 18th Party Congress. The state government issued some policies to promote 3000-5000 units of new energy buses in non demonstration cities in 2013. All these plans and policies are conveying to us that the development of new energy buses in 2013 is more urgent as well as meaningful. Zhongtong Bus- the leading player in developing energy saving and new energy buses area, signed a deal of 20 units of new energy buses in Puyang, early in 2013.

LCK6105PHENV model of Zhongtong, ordered by Puyang customer

Zhongtong Bus got an order of 300 units of new energy buses in Jinan, a story later became widely circulated and much-told within the industry, which is a classic case showing the performance of Zhongtong in the new energy bus area. As the relative policies becoming more and more clear, the new energy bus market is even booming, but the case of 300 units is still being much told and discussed, this is not only a praise of Zhongtong company, but also serves as a strong evidence of the R&D capacity of Zhongtong company. This shows the win-win philosophy, also provide a reference for the customers when choosing a new energy bus, so the customers won’t follow blindly, and act more rationally. This winning tender of 20 units of LCK6105PHENV is a decision the customers from Puyang made after thoroughly comparison and thinking. Zhongtong bus will not let the customers down. So far, around 150 units of LCK6105PHENV are operating in Haikou, Dongying, Weihai and other cities, the performance and outcome are pleasing.

The 20 units of LCK6105PHENV that the Puyang customer purchased are coaxial parallel gas-electricity hybrid city bus, which is a comparatively mature product of Zhongtong bus. Not only the exterior appearance is of urban style, also, it is equipped with the unique technology developed by Zhongtong Bus, which is the coaxial parallel hybrid power system. The system adopted the coaxial direct drive technology, with a simple composition, it is easy to install. Since the number of energy conversion is less, the efficient is higher. The buses perform better when accelerating and climbing. It is easy and convenient to switch the hybrid power system, thus, keeping the bus at the best condition of energy saving. Dual- mode system increased the reliability of buses, avoiding the bus from breaking down and denial of passengers during operating. The buses are smooth, causing less shock to the engine crankshaft. Efficient and high-rate LI-ion batteries are employed, storing more electricity in unit volume, also, it features high electric capacity, enabling the quick, high-rate, big current charging and discharging, lowering the energy consumption of buses. Adopting advanced power battery control and heat management technologies, which could lower the battery capacity and the cost of buses, at the same time, extend the life span of batteries. Utilizing decelerating-charging technology, the buses do not rely on extra charging facilities, so, they have a good substitutability. Combining the mature power system and the clean-energy-consuming LNG engine, the bus is more energy-saving and environmet-friendly, reducing the operating costs to the maximum. It is also the combination of advanced technologies that contributes to the high market share and recognition of Zhongtong new energy buses, plus, laying a solid foundation for Zhongtong in pioneering the new energy market.

It is the unremitting pursuit of Zhongtong to create values for customers as well as go beyond the values. In the course of developing energy saving and new energy buses, Zhongtong will hold tight the philosophy, make more technological innovation, create more values for customers, and help to make true the beautiful China dream as early as possible.

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