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Zhongtong Buses Serve Spring Festival Transport


The 40-day Spring Festival transport season is going to be over from Jan. 26, 2013 to March 6. And Zhongtong Bus held "Warm Journey" activity this year.

Apart from original free test and discount sales of parts, Zhongtong Bus conducted trainings and popularization of bus daily maintaince and operation to the drivers for free.

All service stuffs have to let their mobile phones on for the Spring Festival transport period to solve serice works and parts distributions in time. And their fast response mechanism requires the service stuffs to arrive the failing vehicles within 24 hours and make sure the least costs for the customers.
Zhongtong Bus received two thanking letters from Shandong Jinan Long-distance Company and Tianjin Transport Company, and they expressed their thanks to the sincere thanks for the services.

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