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Zhongtong Bus Breaks Ground on Public Housing Project


On January 26th, as 2013 key project, the construction of Zhongtong public housing for the employees started. General Manager Sun, Qingmin and Deputy General Manager Yu, Chunyin attended the ceremony.

After Mr. Yu introduced the project briefly in the morning, Mr. Sun gave a ebullient speech. He said this project, as a key one in 2013, would improve the housing condition of the employees’, especially the young ones’, beneficial to the development of the company. In 2012, Zhongtong, ranking among the best in new-energy, clean-energy and school buses, developed fast.

Zhongtong Company leaders managed to have the project approved through the negotiation with government from 2012. It’s said there will be 208 houses to be built, each covering 60m2.

After the completion of the construction, these houses will meet the young employees’ transitional needs and Zhongtong Company will be better with the unity of all the staff.

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