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Zhongtong Bus to Improve in 2013


12,000 Zhongtong buses were sold in 2012, and the sales revenues amounted to 3.3 billion Yuan. In 2013, Zhongtong Bus is ready for improving in quality and sales revenues.

Zhongtong Bus will adjusting products structure and market structure and growth patten. New energy bus found a new historical chance on the public transport priority and ecological civilization.

People have higher and higher requirement on transport tools, and large high-grade coaches are robustly needed. Zhongtong Bus will develop more and more large high-grade coaches.

School bus a still a hot topic in 2013, and Zhongtong Bus will continue to develop and promote school bus. Zhongtong Bus will firm traditional markets and develop strategic markets, including deepen market model, strengthening sales channel construction and forging markets teams for South China and East China markets.

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