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Quality Controll

Strict quality energy-saving clearance

the implementation of the control system of science, conservation of resources in advance Key quality characteristics of the vehicle, from the perspective of quality control will be divided into the chassis, body, chemicals, electrical appliances, anti-corrosion sealing the top five categories by the plant inspection process special inspection personnel; on the chassis, electrical safety components and anti-corrosion sealing performance, in the car again before the road test to confirm the inspection, the seizure detection means to achieve the double insurance; we have also implemented the "three types of inspections system", "the first article inspection" and "periodic assessment of special vehicles," effective guarantee of the quality of the process.

opening of the vehicle Audit review and improve the quality of products
Company in the evaluation of customer vehicles, are regularly invited to after-sales service personnel, marketing personnel and technology and other related departments on the completion of vehicles at the scene assessment, based on market feedback and to find quality improvement points for the quality of vehicle upgrade to lay a solid foundation to ensure customer satisfaction continued to improve.

to strengthen the noise, air and other environmental performance of the test
(1) the direct embodiment of vehicle noise and comfortable vehicles and the environmental performance of a direct impact on passengers and the health community, learning from the company in a variety of noise at home and abroad based on testing standards, developed a complete set of "bus noise Detection of management, "the company's number of all vehicles off the assembly line indicators Noise detection, effective to ensure the comfort of the passengers.
(2) for the slashing of the car smell, reduce vehicle emissions to protect human health and the social environment clean, in the company increases the use of international advanced technology of photocatalyst spray, to eliminate body odor impact on passengers; At the same time, for each passenger cars manufactured a number of air quality testing to ensure that standards of air quality inside the vehicle for passengers and create a healthy and environmentally friendly use of space