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Quality Controll

Science and technology energy-saving technology

the leading domestic level with the fully automatic production line of double Phosphatizing with skim - washed - acid - wash - and - washed - table transfer - Phosphating - washed - such as closed processing tank 11, from the source of the enhancement of vehicle anti-corrosion performance, reduce maintenance costs.

the frame using four anti-corrosion treatment technology: First, the overall framework of the use of double-painting; Second, all the filling steel chassis cavity wax injection; The third is a dedicated bus spraying anti-corrosion high elastic rubber; Fourth, special anti-corrosion wax coating.

skin panels: aluminum仓门selected provisions of GB-class high-precision aluminum sheet; Zhang拉蒙皮: All use of Baosteel special steel production, the implementation of the overall passenger car industry's only skin roll with variable cross-section, Tension Technology . Materials of high purity, good anti-sag, high surface finish, anti-corrosion performance

spray paint: The new international certification by the dedicated efforts paint, spraying the implementation of four methods to ensure that anti-aging ability to finish, from primer to topcoat systems are high-thickness coatings, coatings for more than the total thickness of up to 200mm. Anti-corrosion performance in improving the body at the same time, an increase of the decorative coating.

all the bonding company with plastic, plastic play equipment, all imported adhesive system, with the current international most advanced adhesive technology, to ensure that the windshield glass, side-windows, flooring, parts warehouse bond formation in vivo and reliability .

the implementation of world-wide car frame car BOVA welding process, which can effectively control the metallurgical quality of welds, reduce weld defects to ensure the accuracy and strength of frame.