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Electrical system, energy-saving technologies

With the driver's driving habits affect fuel economy of passenger cars was very poor up to 20%. Vehicles according to research all kinds of vehicles using the fuel consumption under the conditions of the law, which hands-on training for vehicle drivers to reduce fuel consumption, while increasing the driver's driving skills.

the use of the instantaneous fuel consumption device, change driving habits to reduce fuel consumption
Installed in the engine instantaneous fuel consumption device, through computer systems, real-time calculation engine resulting from the driver to operate the volume of the instantaneous fuel injection, and the form of data back to the driver, thereby alerting the driver to change the operation of the habit, reducing fuel consumption. This equipment in the vehicle application will greatly improve the passenger services, in the energy saving market.

fuel-efficient multi-power switch, 100 kilometers cycling to reduce fuel consumption 5%
The switch to fuel-efficient vehicle use in accordance with conditions, different engine power through the stalls and with resistance to restrict the engine output torque and rotational speed, the driver may be under the operating conditions and load conditions, engine control computer to a simple intervention so that the engine in different mode conversion, achieving the best price-performance engine work, and effectively improve the driver's driving habits to reduce vehicle fuel consumption, and enhance life.

the vehicle CAN bus electrical system
Automotive electrical systems in the traditional, each adding a new electrical appliances, vehicles and harness must be re-developed. The use of CAN bus, the new appliances can be easily mounted on the system only need to change a small amount of wiring harness. Module used in electronic switches to replace the relay, the realization of non-contact drive to reduce the electromagnetic interference, to extend the service life. Through the CAN bus to control the body electrical appliances, such as automotive exterior lighting, lighting, signals, wiper motor, washing motor vehicle departments and other large electrical appliances. Simplify the vehicle power supply system, vehicle wiring harness to reduce the 20% -40%, lower body weight, saving fuel consumption and enhance the momentum of the vehicle.

the comprehensive application of energy-saving lamps
In the model of development, full details of starting from the wide range of uses LED cold light source technology, lower power consumption of the lamp, reducing the load on the generator to extend the life of generators to achieve the purpose of saving energy and reducing consumption.

energy-saving air-conditioned bus
Function through the air-conditioning settings, the realization of car environmental temperature control, air-conditioning under certain conditions, the achievement of high, medium and low-speed automatic conversion to avoid the energy waste of the excess refrigeration, fresh air at the same time function to ensure that air is always fresh and non-car smell.