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Energy-saving vehicle technology

The cost of business-to-car transport and vehicle operating cost of paying more and more attention, with the changes in the international economic situation, the cost of production of passenger cars on the passenger car manufacturers under increasing pressure, the lightweight vehicle design as well solutions, more and more attention to manufacturing enterprises.

the wider use of full-carrying body technology, lightweight body
Bus in the body of the vehicle design process, give full consideration to the application of energy-saving technologies, to ensure stiffness and strength under the premise of the design for light weight, and gradually the use of full-body design load, lower the vehicle from the root Quality equipment . At the same time, the number of vehicles by non-critical power, the adoption of light-weight material selected to reduce vehicle weight, such as: aluminum alloy, ABS engineering plastics, polyurethane foam materials, etc., through the application of these alternative materials to achieve light weight vehicles ;

the application of CAE finite element analysis, optimization of body structure
In the vehicle design process to introduce a comprehensive finite element analysis, vehicle stiffness, strength, inherent vibration mode, the body of stress and deformation analysis and data measurement, by adjusting the skeleton of the application related to changes in raw materials and lower body strength of the local over-surplus to achieve without lowering the safety of vehicles under the framework of light, making the car less fuel consumption, shoe, clutch, such as less wear and tear. According to the calculation of Bus and test some of models Quality equipment each 10% lower fuel consumption will save 1-2%.

At the same time, analysis, computation and adjustment of the natural frequency of vehicle, to avoid vehicles that may arise during the operation of the resonance phenomenon, to improve comfort;

the use of large capacity body design, reducing cycle energy consumption and improve profitability
After sufficient research, timely introduction of bus services, a large passenger capacity products, operating costs fully into account customers, using high-volume body design to reduce the unit energy consumption of transport of passengers and improve the profitability of transport units. To LCK6140HD as an example, the largest bicycle passenger may carry more than 80 people, and the layout of the form of 1 +2 may be equipped with high-level business seats, improve comfort, effectively reduces the unit energy consumption of passengers. High-capacity double-decker bus fuel consumption is about 0.6 ~ 0.7 liters / 100 kilometers person, two passenger cars than the average high of 1.04 liters / km of 100 people 30% ~ 40%, saving energy and reducing consumption of road passenger transport has played a positive role in promoting.